What Standards apply to steel conduit/tubing?

If the presence of water is a problem, one of the following steps may help: 1. Install a typical Quazite(TM) concrete-polymer underground open bottom junction box over a gravel sump. This can be done by excavating a hole approximately 3′ X 3; filling it with 1 to 2 inch gravel and placing the Quazite(TM) box flush with the ground prior to entering the building, or at the lowest location in the conduit run. 2. Install type ECDB or equivalent drain fittings to permit the water to drain out of the conduit. These would normally be installed in all above the ground locations prior to entering each building or piece of equipment.

Additional information on the titles and designations of standards or requirements that have been used for the investigation of products in a specific category can be found in the Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®, General Information for Electrical Equipment Directory. The UL product category for EMT is FJMX, for RMC is DYIX, and for IMC is DYBY.

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